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Soil Researcher



Job Type


The Grass is Greener Agrivoltaic Solar Study: A perfect fit for biology- or soil-science-driven student, professional permaculturist, farmer, rancher, or soil regeneration consultant.

The project: research and produce a desktop analysis of the soil and water benefit of strategic shading with solar panels in arid or desertified land. Specifics: RUTE SunTracker panels are 10-ft above the ground and tilt to allow rain exposure to the ground, allowing for dual use agriculture. 

Research Location, Klamath Falls, Oregon: a quantitative assessment of cattle pasture production and inputs, irrigation water, soil moisture, sun heat.  How much water would we save for Klamath Salmon with panels high enough above the pasture to allow for existing forage activities? Does the shade increase the production of nutrients, soil moisture, and overall soil fertility? 

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