2019 Merit Award Winner


Standard Methods in Segmental Bridge Industry Applied to WTG Foundations

Most efficient use of materials, engineering know-how, and post-tension methods yield a lighter, stronger, safer installation. 

BX Model, pictured at left, for soft ground.

TG Model for rock subsurface.

Landowner Benefits:

  • Leased land is reusable and fully recoverable

General Contractor Benefits:

  • Safety. Less than 1/10 the man-hours in the pit

  • Quality manufactured 10 ksi concrete castings

  • Production. 2 day assembly

  • No cost of concrete batch and air quality permits

  • Low public road impact due to the low volume transport

  • Staging and fully hardened delivery matched to WTG sequence

Wind Farm/Sponsor Benefits:

  • Generate revenue sooner

  • Life Cycle - 40 year life = lower cost of electricity

  • Inside inspections biannually guarantee investor value in the assets

  • 6M lbs of CO2 savings reduction from displaced cement manufacture

RUTE TG & BX are patented 
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