we deliver
quality Foundations

to your
wind POWER site

RUTe 37BX FOR 4-5MW towers
rute 40BX
FOR 5-6mw towers

RUTE 1 Backfill Nov 2018.JPG


37BX Value Proposition

  • 3-day installation

  • 20 precast segments manufactured via Mobile Plant or at RUTE regional partner facility set in 1 day

  • 50-75% reduction of concrete - 350 cubic yards of concrete

  • 2x the structure life span

  • Stockpiled, quality-assured, ready for your job at of start excavation

  • Simple inspections during O&M enhances your generation assets' safety, longevity and resale value

Modern Bridge Technology Benefits                   to Wind Power


  • Local Manufacturing Jobs

  • Mitigate Spring/Weather Delays

  • Generate Revenue Faster

  • Environmental Bonus - Half the Concrete (CO2) 


  • No concrete left in land

  • No concrete truck traffic


  • SAFER    1/5 the worker hours

  • FASTER   3 days, ready for towers

  • STRONGER  Precast offsite 10 ksi concrete removes GC risk of field concrete performance