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Budgetary Foundation Cost Estimates and Preliminary Design

RUTE Sales Engineering Team will provide your team a preliminary design and quotation for foundations up to 5.6MW generators and any hub height. Outside U.S. and Canada we'd partner with a local general contractor for the manufacturing. ​

Early development phase support

RUTE Sales Engineering Team will provide support to BOP and owner/developer at any phase of the project, including: permitting, road use planning, decommissioning planning. Post-tensioning is performed by expert PT firm, Structural Technologies design and quote for your foundation assemblies.



Qualification Program

RUTE Operations is looking for trucking, aggregate, rebar, & crane          vendors in regions distant from the home base in Hawley, MN.

Please connect with our operations team via:



Save on time,money and materials
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Rute calculator

 estimate wind farm savings


The initial numbers are based on a U.S. typical 100 MW wind farm. The construction period is assumed to be 8 months.

The calculator takes the present value of three of the main economic benefits and sums them. 

1. Interest savings during construction period. If you can save a month by having the foundations stockpiled and ready

to go at close of finance, then 1 month could be saved due to curing, and 1 month could be saved on the back end risk (FASTER).
2. Present value of the reuse value of the RUTE Foundation for lease term 2 (STRONGER).
3. Present value of the savings from the decommissioning expense of the cast-in-place (CLEANER).    

160 cy (cubic yards) per MW of generator size is typical. You can change this.

For a 4MW machine with a 700 CY CIP foundation, put in 700/4 = 175 cy.
400 lbs of CO2 is emitted per cubic yard of concrete due to the cement manufacturing process.    
Net present value term (n) is 30 years    
Capex is assumed to be $1.4m per MW         
Present Value, PV= FV/(1+r)^n