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Opportunities in Renewable Energy and Agrivoltaics: Paid $1,000 per project 

3D Modeler -  Energy Analyst  -  Soil Researcher  -  Structural Engineer  -  Marketing 

We are a company of innovators and hands-on builders who are pioneering the future of Wind and Solar structural support systems. RUTE offers five opportunities to candidates who want to gain practical experience in wind and solar energy.

Our mission is to reduce materials, waste, cost, and CO2 emissions in the production of structures that support renewable power. A "Returnship" means an opportunity for seasoned persons to gain new skills and entry into a new work sector. The renewable energy supply chain needs thousands of trained specialists now and in the coming years. RUTE is looking to hire several full time positions over the next 18 months.

Most projects will be home-based and self-paced schedules with approximately 8 weeks to complete. 

We intend to get your work published in an industry web publication. 

1. 3D Modeler w Fusion 360 and/or python experience

Organize RUTE’s component drafting files with Fusion 360 Parametric Tools. This project aids our 3D modeling efforts. RUTE has a catalogue of 60 components for the wind and solar structural assemblies.  The candidate will coordinate components and design parameters, and fine tune the parametric relationships offered in Fusion 360.  We use these parameters to read into design documents, specifications, and bills of materials. The candidate will also get the satisfaction of seeing the finished product fabricated from their project results. This position offers invaluable education in renewable energy, steel or concrete component fabrication, and 3D modeling skills.

2. Energy Analyst

Desktop analysis of renewable energy supply chain economics. What is the impact on levelized cost of energy (LCOE) if the utilization of building materials is improved by 50%? For example, a 200MW wind farm constructs about $50m of ‘balance of plant’ fixed assets, including roads, electric conduit, foundations. Presently, our industry skews decision-making and planning toward the financial transaction; this is a positive aspect of how this industry evolved.  Nevertheless, over time, tax credit and transaction-driven economics are due to peter out in favor of life-cycle economics. What are the methods to recognize the long term value of the assets after the project finance period, in order for better planning and material utilization?   Here is our first intern effort specific to just the concrete economics, published in German WindTech Intl,

3. Soil Researcher for Agrivoltaic Solar Application

The Grass is Greener Agrivoltaic Solar Study: A perfect fit for biology- or soil-science-driven student, professional permaculturist, farmer, rancher, or soil regeneration consultant.
The project: research and produce a desktop analysis of the soil and water benefit of strategic shading with solar panels in arid or desertified land. Specifics: RUTE SunTracker panels are 10-ft above the ground and tilt to allow rain exposure to the ground, allowing for dual use agriculture. 
Research Location, Klamath Falls, Oregon: a quantitative assessment of cattle pasture production and inputs, irrigation water, soil moisture, sun heat.  How much water would we save for Klamath Salmon with panels high enough above the pasture to allow for existing forage activities? Does the shade increase the production of nutrients, soil moisture, and overall soil fertility? 


4. Structural Engineer

Theoretical Engineering of PV Racking Frame Parameters  The goal of this project is to define structural parameters of PV solar tracker frames, in either a non-dimensional or dimensional analysis. Describe the wind load and vibration resistance in relation to the hardware systems’ natural frequency, torque and bending properties. The RUTE SunTracker frame has a double truss and cable supports –  unique in the solar PV realm. The outcome of this work will be an understanding of order of magnitude metrics between different tracker options.  This includes understanding the governing economic metrics, such as: steel weight per installed kilowatt of PV,  structural risk for wind load, and for stress/strain in the module. We can support you in this work with a finite element analysis (FE). Having prior FE skills is a bonus.  The backbone of this task is free body diagram work.

5. Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Marketing Intern. Responsible for supporting the efforts of the marketing director to carry out marketing campaigns. Candidate needs to located in Southern Oregon.

Duties include researching market trends and compiling data, creating marketing campaign content like graphics, blog posts, or social media posts, and assisting in executing marketing events.

Please email;

Provide a brief summary of why you think you're a great fit for the project that interests you, and resume. 

Thanks and best of luck!

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