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Since day one, RUTE has been seeking to light a fire under the stayed design aesthetic of foundations for wind and solar. 


With a curious outlook and a broad skill set that spans, mechanical engineering, renewable power economics, tension systems, and government partnering; RUTE has punched above its weight from the inception.


RUTE is well-positioned to bring about a change in the way we view and understand solar and wind structures. The team has an innate understanding of the hard drivers of business economics, and the soft drivers for the community.


As we develop our product and participate in the development of renewable energy farms, RUTE can offer access to tax equity investing in our projects that offers a nearer term stable return.


Our Seed C round is currently open to accredited investors. Please contact us below for further details to join a group of 26 investors.


RUTE needs US based vendors to help supply and advance our solution. Strategic investors and supply chain partners, please contact us below for further details.

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