Regenerative  Agrivoltaic  Solar PV
Cable-stayed Technology for Cattle Pastures


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" SunTracker is designed for large wind and  livestock forces. The ranch gets shade, moisture rentention,  healthier pasture & and dual revenue.''

The RUTE  SunTracker Team is commercializing this revolutionary utility scale tracker technology. Developers, Contractors, Agrivoltaic specialists, Click 'Contact', below, to get in touch about your project. Best suited for 4.5MW - 200MW PV solar projects, 26 - 1400 acre pastures. 

Developers: Release 1 of our tracker comparison software is available. 28% more revenue than fixed PV at latitude 40, 10% more revenue than HSAT + dual use.

screenshot of software results page:
Suntracker Software V1.png