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Recently, a member of RUTE Foundation Systems had the opportunity to share the company's innovative product, RUTE SUNTRACKER, on Oregon Public Broadcasting's radio show "Think Out Loud". David McFeeters-Krone, a representative from RUTE, was joined by Serkan Ates, an associate professor in Oregon State University's department of animal and rangeland sciences, to discuss the exciting world of agrivoltaics.

Agrivoltaics is the integration of solar panels and agriculture on the same land, and RUTE SUNTRACKER is poised to play a key role in making it a more accessible and widespread reality. The radio segment covered the research on agrivoltaics and crop suitability, as well as the possibility of combining cattle with agrivoltaics and how RUTE SUNTRACKER facilitates this.

David also touched on the benefits of SUNTRACKER's cable-stayed system, including its cost and steel savings, before the discussion led to the barriers to implementing agrivoltaics, and the importance of location for solar projects.

If you're interested in learning more about RUTE SUNTRACKER and how solar panels and agriculture can be combined on the same land, follow the link below to hear the full discussion on Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Think Out Loud". You won't want to miss this fascinating conversation about the future of renewable energy and agriculture!

About RUTE Foundation Systems:

RUTE Foundation Systems provides the most stable and cost effective support structures for wind and solar generation equipment. RUTE commercialized the RUTE BXG Foundation in 2018, a wind tower foundation based on bridge engineering, that lasts 3 times longer than a conventional foundation and uses 50% less concrete. RUTE SUNTRACKER division started in 2021, a year ahead of the boom in demand for utility scale agrivoltaic solutions.

The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act is projected to triple the demand for wind and solar for over 10 years, perfectly aligned with RUTE’s material reduction and installation efficiency for both BXG and SUNTRACKER products.


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